What VIRTUE do you want more of in your life?

What is a CHALLENGE you want to OVERCOME?

What is a PASSION you want to spend more time on?

The MyIntent Project joins forces with KYCC at our upcoming FORE Children & Families golf Classic! These hand-engraved bracelets will be available for pre-order and on-site purchase during our upcoming tournament.

Individuals are asked to think of a word (up to twelve letters) that represents their intention. The word is then hand-engraved on to a token that can be worn as a bracelet. 

The goal of the MyIntent Project is to give individuals a chance to think deeply about their purpose and goals in life. Every time the wearer catches a glimpse of their personalized token, he/she is reminded of why they chose that word in the first place. It also opens the door to more meaningful conversations with others as the wearer is prompted to share the significance behind their intention.

The MyIntent Project is not just for individuals - this is a great way to decide what purpose or intention your family, company, or group of friends will stand for.

Through our golf tournament, you can purchase two MyIntent bracelets for $20. 50% of all profits will be donated back to KYCC. If you are interested in pre-ordering your MyIntent bracelet, please visit our Golf events page and complete the form at the bottom.

Not able to attend our golf tournament? 

No need to worry! Visit their website to order your very own MyIntent creation or for a greater variety of color and style combinations!

For some inspiration, visit MyIntent's Instagram page.